Old TurkicEdit


From Proto-Turkic *sen (“thou”). Compare Turkish sen (“you”), and Karakhanid سَنْ‎‎ (sen, “you”).

Alternative formsEdit


𐰾𐰤 (sen)

  1. you (singular or plural)
Related termsEdit


𐰾𐰤 (-sen)

  1. Denotes second person singular or plural after simple present or future tense marker.
    ‏:𐰇𐰠𐱅𐰲𐰃: 𐰾𐰤‎‎ ― Ölteči sen. ― You will die.
  2. Denotes "to be" for second person singular or plural
    ‏:𐰺𐰴𐰴: 𐰾𐰤‎‎ ― Arquq sen. ― You are stubborn.

Usage notesEdit

  • Often attested separately. Compare 𐰢𐰤‎ (-men) (< 𐰋𐰤‎ (ben, “I”)), where it was attested integrated to the stems.


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