-та (-ta) (Clear script spelling ᡐᠠᡅ (tai))

  1. Forms the comitative case.
    Чи хойр машитач.Chi hoyr mashitach.You have two automobiles.
  2. With numerals, expresses age in years.
    Энҗл би тавтав.Enjl bi tavtav.This year, I'll be five years old.
  3. Used to form adjectives from nouns.
    Мини эк сәәхн цаһан чирәтә, өндр нурһта, хар нүдтә, күрң ут биш үстә.
    Mini ek sa̋a̋hn tsaḥan chira̋ta̋, öndr nurḥta, har nüdta̋, kürng ut bish üsta̋.
    My father has a pretty white face, is tall, black-eyed, and has brown but not long hair.

Usage notesEdit

  • When the noun's last vowel is a front vowel, -тә (-ta̋) is used instead.




-та (-ta)

  1. the definite article "the" in its unspecified form, female gender.
    Девојката е убава.
    Devojkata e ubava.
    The girl is beautiful.
  2. the definite article "the" in its unspecified plural form, neuter gender.
    Види ги кучињата.
    Vidi gi kučinjata.
    Look at the dogs.

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