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The Macedonian language has three definite articles pertaining to position of the object: unspecified, proximate (or close), and distal (or distant). All three have different gender forms, for masculine, feminine, and neuter nouns and adjectives. The articles takes the form of a suffix (i.e., a postfix) at the end of the word it modifies. The definite article is the only type of article present in the Macedonian language, corresponding to the English definite article "the".

The following is a table of the articles of the Macedonian language.

The definite articles
Singular Plural
Masculine Feminine Neuter Masculine Feminine Neuter
Unspecified -от (-ot) -та (-ta) -то (-to) -те (-te) -те (-te) -та (-ta)
Proximate -ов (-ov) -ва (-va) -во (-vo) -ве (-ve) -ве (-ve) -ва (-va)
Distal -он (-on) -на (-na) -но (-no) -не (-ne) -не (-ne) -на (-na)