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-я́ть or -ять (-játʹ or -jatʹ)

  1. The infinitive suffix for many verbs. Usually indicates an imperfective verb. Often used to derive imperfective verbs from prefixed perfective verbs in -ить (-itʹ), and triggers iotation.
    на- (na-) + ‎пра́вить impf (právitʹ, to drive, to steer) → ‎напра́вить pf (naprávitʹ, to direct) + ‎-я́ть (-játʹ) → ‎направля́ть impf (napravljátʹ)

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Conjugation edit

ending-stressed (type 1a):

stem-stressed (type 1a):

ending-stressed (type 5b), only боя́ться (bojátʹsja), стоя́ть (stojátʹ) and derivatives:

stem-stressed (type 5a), only вы́стоять (výstojatʹ), вы́стояться (výstojatʹsja):

ending-stressed (type 6b), only вопия́ть (vopijátʹ), смея́ться (smejátʹsja) and derivatives:

stem-stressed (type 6a):

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