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Etymology edit

Lexicalization of -het (potential suffix) +‎ -nék (first-person singular conditional suffix), literally: “I could” (do something), as an expression of impulse or desire.

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Suffix edit


  1. (noun-forming suffix) Appended to a verb to express an impulse or desire.
    megy (to go, leave)mehetnékje van (“s/he feels like leaving, s/he has the urge to leave, s/he has wanderlust”)
    eszik (to eat)ehetnékünk volt (“we felt like eating, we wanted to eat”)

Usage notes edit

  • (noun-forming suffix) Variants:
    -hatnék is added to back-vowel verbs.
    -hetnék is added to front-vowel verbs.
  • It is usually followed by a possessive suffix (forms given below) and a third-person singular form of the existential verb van (van/volt/lesz/lenne/legyen etc.), shown in the examples above, or támad (to arise, crop up), e.g. kosarazhatnékja támadt (s/he felt the need to play basketball), where the affected person is the possessive.
  • Another construction is with a verb like elfog, rájön, or rátör (here all mean “to overcome”), e.g. elfogja a sírhatnék (s/he is overcome by the urge to cry, s/he feels the need to cry), rájött a nevethetnék (s/he was overcome by the need to laugh, s/he felt compelled to laugh), where the affected person is either an object or a sublative argument required by the prefix rá- (both may be implicit if it's clear from the context).

Declension edit

Inflection (stem in -e-, front unrounded harmony)
singular plural
nominative -hetnék -hetnékek
accusative -hetnéket -hetnékeket
dative -hetnéknek -hetnékeknek
instrumental -hetnékkel -hetnékekkel
causal-final -hetnékért -hetnékekért
translative -hetnékké -hetnékekké
terminative -hetnékig -hetnékekig
essive-formal -hetnékként -hetnékekként
inessive -hetnékben -hetnékekben
superessive -hetnéken -hetnékeken
adessive -hetnéknél -hetnékeknél
illative -hetnékbe -hetnékekbe
sublative -hetnékre -hetnékekre
allative -hetnékhez -hetnékekhez
elative -hetnékből -hetnékekből
delative -hetnékről -hetnékekről
ablative -hetnéktől -hetnékektől
possessive - singular
-hetnéké -hetnékeké
possessive - plural
-hetnékéi -hetnékekéi
Possessive forms of -hetnék
possessor single possession multiple possessions
1st person sing. -hetnékem -hetnékeim
2nd person sing. -hetnéked -hetnékeid
3rd person sing. -hetnéke
1st person plural -hetnékünk -hetnékeink
2nd person plural -hetnéketek -hetnékeitek
3rd person plural -hetnékük

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