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Etymology edit

From Latin -īnae, feminine plural form of -īnus (-ine).

Suffix edit

-inae f pl

  1. (taxonomy) Used to form names of subfamilies of animals.
  2. (taxonomy) Used to form names of subtribes of plants, algae and fungi and viruses.

Usage notes edit

  • All derivations featuring this suffix are pluralia tantum, but were formally understood as adjectives modifying the Latin feminine plural nouns bestiae (beasts) or plantae; e.g. Felinae (cats) = bestiae felinae (feline beasts).
  • With the understanding that, for example, members of Fungi, Archaea, and Virus are neither beasts nor plants, the historical fiction has little contemporary relevance.

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  1. inflection of -īnus:
    1. nominative/vocative feminine plural
    2. genitive/dative feminine singular