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Latin edit

Etymology edit

Derived from the Latin suffix -menta in collective nouns like armenta (herd, flock). Latin -menta is from Latin -mentum (singular), from Proto-Italic *-məntom, from the plural Proto-Indo-European *-mn̥teh₂ (*-mn̥ + *-teh₂, plural of *-mn̥-to-).[1]

Pronunciation edit

Suffix edit

-mentum (plural -menta)

  1. instrument, medium, or result of; e.g. monumentum

Declension edit

Second-declension noun (neuter).

Case Singular Plural
Nominative -mentum -menta
Genitive -mentī -mentōrum
Dative -mentō -mentīs
Accusative -mentum -menta
Ablative -mentō -mentīs
Vocative -mentum -menta

Descendants edit

  • Balkan Romance:
    • Aromanian: -mintu
    • Romanian: -mânt
  • Italo-Romance:
  • Padanian:
  • Gallo-Romance:
    • Catalan: -ment
    • Franco-Provençal: -ment
    • Old French: -ment (see there for further descendants)
    • Old Occitan: -ment
  • Ibero-Romance:
  • Borrowings:

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References edit

  1. ^ Jean Haudry, L'indo-européen