See also: act, act., Act., A.C.T., and A. C. T.

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  1. (international standards, aviation) IATA airport code for Waco Regional Airport, which serves Waco, Texas, United States.

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  1. Initialism of Australian Capital Territory, a federal territory of Australia.
    Coordinate terms: NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA
  2. Initialism of American College Test.
  3. Initialism of Association of Consumers and Taxpayers, a political party of New Zealand
    1. (New Zealand politics) ACT New Zealand, a liberal conservative political party in New Zealand

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ACT (countable and uncountable, plural ACTs)

  1. (countable) An instance of a certain standardized college admissions test in the United States, originally called the American College Test.
  2. (uncountable) Acronym of acceptance and commitment therapy.

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