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CAT (countable and uncountable, plural CATs)

  1. Acronym of computer-adaptive test.
  2. Acronym of common admission test.
  3. Acronym of civil air transport.
  4. Acronym of clear-air turbulence.
  5. (medicine) Acronym of computed axial tomography.
  6. Acronym of career aptitude test.
  7. Acronym of computer-assisted/aided translation.
  8. Acronym of credit authorization terminal.
  9. Acronym of citizenship advancement training.
  10. Acronym of computer-aided transceiver.
  11. Acronym of cosmic anisotropy telescope.
  12. Acronym of coital alignment technique.
  13. Acronym of conidial anastomosis tube.
  14. Acronym of chloramphenicol acetyltransferase.
  15. Acronym of crisis assessment team.


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  1. Centre for Alternative Technology
  2. Counter Assault Team
  3. Citizens Area Transit
  4. Canadian Achievement Tests
  5. Cambridge Antibody Technology