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Appendix:Gikun Usage in Meiji Version of Japanese Bible/生霊

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Kanji in this term
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Gikun word derived by applying Chinese-derived spelling 生霊 (souls: mankind, people), a term which decomposes into (live) + (soul, spirit), to native Japanese words いける (ikeru, living) + もの (mono, person/being/a soul).


生霊 (いけるもの)生靈 (いけるもの)[1](ikerumono) →  ()ける (もの) (ikeru mono), 生霊 (せいれい) (seirei)

  1. living soul


  1. ^ OT, page 2:
    ヱホバ (かみ) (つち) (ちり) () (ひと) (つく)生氣 (いのちのいき)其鼻 (そのはな)嘘入 (ふきいれ)たまへり人即 (ひとすなは)生靈 (いけるもの)となりぬ
    Ehoba Kami tsuchi no chiri wo mote hito wo tsukuri, inochi no iki wo sono hana ni fuki ire tamaeri hito sunawachi ikerumono to narinu
    And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.