Appendix:Hebrew patterns/קָטִיל


קָטִיל (katíl, qāṭîl) (feminine קְטִילָה‎, masculine plural קְטִילִים‎, feminine plural קְטִילוֹת‎)

  1. Indicates a strong and stable quality.
    ב־ה־ר(b-h-r, relating to clarity)בָּהִיר(bahír, light; bright; clear)
    ס־מ־ך(s-m-kh, relating to closeness, tightness)סָמִיךְ(samíkh, thick (soup, fog))
  2. -able
    אָכַל(achal, eat)אָכִיל(achíl, edible)
    סָפַר(safar, count, enumerate)סָפִיר(safír, countable, enumerable)

Derived termsEdit


קָטִיל (katíl, qāṭîlm

  1. Indicates an agricultural period.
    א־ס־ף(׳-s-p, relating to collecting)אָסִיף(asíf, a harvest)
    א־ב־ב(׳-b-b, relating to spring)אָבִיב(avív, a spring)
  2. Indicates an occupation or quality of a person.
    פ־ק־ד(p-k-d, relating to commands)פָּקִיד(pakíd, a clerk)
    ע־מ־ת('-m-t, relating to being face to face)עָמִית('amít, a colleague)
  3. Indicates a physical object.
    צ־מ־ד(ts-m-d, relating to attachment; adjacency)צָמִיד(tsamíd, a bracelet)
    ש־ט־ח(sh-t-kh, relating to flatness)שָׁטִיחַ(shatíakh, a carpet)
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Derived termsEdit