Appendix:Variations of "䷀"

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  • (hexagram for the receptive earth), (for difficulty at the beginning), (for youthful folly), (for waiting), (for conflict), (for the army), (for holding together), (for small taming), (for treading), (for peace), (for standstill), (for fellowship), (for great possession), (for modesty), (for enthusiasm), (for following), (for work on the decayed), (for approach), (for contemplation), (for biting through), (for grace), (for splitting apart), (for return), (for innocence), (for great taming), (for mouth corners), (for great preponderance), (for the abysmal water), (for the clinging fire), (for influence), (for duration), (for retreat), (for great power), (for progress), (for darkening of the light), (for the family), (for opposition), (for obstruction), (for deliverance), (for decrease), (for increase), (for breakthrough), (for coming to meet), (for gathering together), (for pushing upward), (for oppression), (for the well), (for revolution), (for the cauldron), (for the arousing thunder), (for the keeping still mountain), (for development), (for the marrying maiden), (for abundance), (for the wanderer), (for the gentle wind), (for the joyous lake), (for dispersion), (for limitation), (for inner truth), (for small preponderance), (for after completion), ䷿ (for before completion)

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