Appendix:Variations of "x"

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The letter “x” is subject to a wide range of variations through the addition of diacritics, capitalization, punctuation, and use in different scripts. These include:

Capitalization, and punctuationEdit

  • x - minuscule (plain)
  • X - majuscule (plain)
  • X.
  • -x
  • -x-


Other encodingsEdit

Other representations of X:

Other scriptsEdit





  • ˣ (U+02E3, modifier letter small x)
  • × (U+00D7, multiplication sign)
  • (U+2573, box drawings left diagonal cross)
  • (U+2715, multiplication x)
  • (U+2716, heavy multiplication x)
  • (U+2A2F, vector or cross product)
  • (U+2717, ballot x)
  • (U+2718, heavy ballot x)
  • 🗴 (U+1F5F4, ballot script x)
  • 🗶 (U+1F5F6, ballot bold script x)
  • (U+2612, ballot box with x)
  • 🗵 (U+1f5f5, ballot box with script x)
  • 🗷 (U+1f5f7, ballot box with bold script x)
  • (U+2613, saltire)
  • 🞩 (U+1F7A9, light saltire)
  • (U+274C, cross mark)
  • (U+274E, negative squared cross mark)
  • (U+2A09, n-ary times operator)
  • 🗙 (U+1F5D9, cancellation x)


Similar symbolsEdit