Appendix:Variations of "y"

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The word and letter “y” is subject to a wide range of variations through the addition of diacritics, capitalization, and use in different scripts. These include:

Capitalization and punctuation edit

Diacritics edit

Other encodings edit

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Other representations of Y:

Other scripts edit

Arabic edit

Cyrillic edit

Greek edit

Ancient Greek edit

Hebrew edit

Coptic edit

Phoenician edit

Sanskrit edit

Other edit

Similar symbols edit

  • γ, a letter in Greek
  • ץ, a letter in Hebrew
  • , a letter of the Bopomofo transliteration system

Fraktur edit

IPA edit

Mathematics edit

Unicode artefacts edit

For technical reasons, some glyphs were defined in Unicode, which represent the same letters as others, but serve for compatibility purposes only.