Appendix:Variations of "b"

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The letter “b” is subject to a range of variations through capitalization and use in different scripts. These include:

Capitalization and punctuation edit

Diacritics edit

  • - majuscule, with acute above
  • - miniscule, with acute above
  • - majuscule, with dot above
  • - miniscule, with dot above
  • - majuscule, with dot below
  • - miniscule, with dot below
  • - majuscule, with underline
  • - minuscule, with underline
  • Ƀ - majuscule, with stroke
  • ƀ - minuscule, with stroke
  • - minuscule, with middle tilde
  • - minuscule, with lower hook
  • Ɓ - majuscule, with upper hook
  • ɓ - minuscule, with upper hook
  • Ƃ - majuscule, Zhuang variation
  • ƃ - minuscule, Zhuang variation
  • - miniscule, with flourish
  • - majuscule, with flourish

Ligatures edit

Other encodings edit

Other representations of B:

Other scripts edit

Arabic edit

Aramaic edit

Armenian edit

  • Բ - majuscule
  • բ - minuscule

Braille edit

Burmese edit

Coptic edit

Cyrillic edit

Glagolitic edit

Greek edit

Hangeul edit

  • (b, bieup)

Hebrew edit

Ogham edit

Phoenician edit

Sanskrit edit

Yiddish edit

Zhuang edit

(They were used as tone marks.)

Other edit

Fraktur edit

Symbols edit

  • ฿ (symbol for the baht, the currency of Thailand)
  • (symbol for the bitcoin, a decentralized digital currency)
  • (musical symbol for 'flat')
  • (mathematical)
  • (computing)
  • 🅱️ (supposedly standing for the blood group B; replaces plosive letters to make sport)

IPA edit

Numerical combinations edit

Similar symbols edit

  • ß the German ligature Eszett looks like a Greek beta, but is unrelated.
  • The Cyrillic б is notably similar in appearance to the numeral 6.
  • Chinese radical (3 strokes), meaning 'place', has a shape similar to B; however, it is pronounced or .
  • The letter of the Carrier syllabary resembles a "B"; the letter , its inverted form. Other symbols in the same syllabary that resemble rotated forms of this Latin letter include and .
  • The form of Cherokee (yv) is copied from that of the Latin letter, but it represents an unrelated syllable.
  • The number 13 may be confused with a capital B when handwritten.