Appendix:Variations of "c"

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The letter “c” is subject to a range of variations through the addition of diacritics, capitalization, and use in different scripts. These include:

Capitalization and punctuation edit

Diacritics edit

Other encodings edit

Other representations of C:

Other scripts edit

Cyrillic edit

  • г (g, ge)

Hebrew edit

  • ג(g, gimel)
  • (in some transliterations) ⁧צ(tz, tzadi)

Ogham edit

IPA edit

Sanskrit edit

Computing edit

In computing, double-byte character sets duplicate some characters as double byte variants

Other edit

Fraktur edit

  • Upper case: (normal), 𝕮 (bold)
  • Lower case: 𝔠 (normal), 𝖈 (bold)

Similar symbols edit

  • с, the letter "s" in the Cyrillic alphabet
  • ϲ, lunate sigma
  • , the letter representing /ŋa̰/ in the Burmese alphabet
  • In some scripts, the open parenthesis, (, may appear similar to a "c".

Combinations with numbers edit

See also edit

The letter ‘c’ is historically related to ‘g’, see also Appendix:Variations of "g".