Category:Requests for cleanup in Hanyu Pinyin entries

This category contains Hanyu Pinyin romanization entries that couldn't be properly cleaned up when converting from {{pinyin reading of}} to {{cmn-pinyin of}}. Specifically, the old template had paired params |1=/|2= that were supposed to be a traditional/simplified pair, and similarly for |3=/|4= if those params existed. Whenever the conversion script encountered such pairs, it checked to make sure the supposed simplified version matched what the automatic traditional-to-simplified converter generated. If not, it left the params alone and added |attn=1 to the converted {{cmn-pinyin of}}, which adds the term to this category. You should check the params, and correct and remove any incorrectly specified simplified forms but leave alone things that aren't simplified forms (e.g. variant traditional forms). Once this is done, remove the |attn=1 param.

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