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  1. An English patronymic surname from the given name Colin.
    • 2011 Colin Diyen, Ring Road Safari, African Books Collective, →ISBN, page 5:
      "But your own name too sounds funny," Tampio said. "Your names are repeated. Only you have spelt one wrongly. How could you call yourself Colin Collins? Here in Cameroon, we only know about Collins."
  2. An Irish surname, anglicized from Irish Ó Coileáin.
  3. A male given name transferred from the surname.
  4. A locale in the United States.
    1. A town in New York; named for a local dairy farming family.
    2. A city, the county seat of Covington County, Mississippi; named for Mississippi statesman Fred W. Collins.
    3. A city in Georgia; named for early settler Perry Collins.
    4. A city in Iowa.
    5. A village in Missouri; named for the local judge William Collins.
    6. A former settlement in Fresno County, California.
    7. An unincorporated community in Napa County, California.
    8. An unincorporated community in Indiana; named for railroad official James Collins.
    9. A census-designated place in Wisconsin; named for railroad official Sumner J. Collins.

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Collins (plural Collinses)

  1. Any of various alcoholic drinks made with lemon juice, sugar, and carbonated water.
    • 1966, Nicholas Samstag, Come and see my shining palace, page 268:
      He ordered a schpritzer for himself (it was a hot summer day) and after she'd finished her Collins, he asked if she wanted to order.