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DS (not comparable)

  1. (pathology) Initialism of drug susceptible or drug sensitive.
    Antonym: DR


DS (countable and uncountable, plural DSs)

  1. (medicine, usually used attributively) Initialism of double strength.
  2. (medicine) Initialism of Down syndrome.
  3. (Australia, New Zealand) Initialism of Douglas Score (point ranking for deer antlers).
  4. (law enforcement) Initialism of detective sergeant; a police rank used in Commonwealth countries.
  5. (video games) Clipping of Nintendo DS.
  6. (slang, UK) Initialism of directing staff.
  7. (logic) Initialism of disjunctive syllogism.
    • 2004 August, J. L. Schellenberg, “The Atheist’s Free Will Offence” in the International Journal for Philosophy of Religion, volume 56, № 1, pages 11–12
      Let ‘F’ stand for the state of affairs that consists in finite persons possessing and exercising free will. Let ‘p’ stand for ‘God exists’; ‘q’ for ‘F obtains’; ‘r’ for ‘F poses a serious risk of evil’; and ‘s’ for ‘There is no option available to God that counters F.’ With this in place, the argument may be formalized as follows:
      (1) [(p & q) & r] → s Premiss
      (2) ~s        Premiss
      (3) ~[(p & q) & r]   1, 2 MT
      (4) ~(p & q) v ~r    3 DM
      (5) r         Premiss
      (6) ~(p & q)      4, 5 DS
      (7) ~p v ~q      6 DM
      (3) follows from the conjunction of (1) and (2) by modus tollens; De Morgan’s law applied to (3) yields (4); (4) and (5) together lead to (6) by disjunctive syllogism; and another application of De Morgan’s law takes us from (6) to the final conclusion, according to which either God exists or there is free will (but not both).
  8. (music) Initialism of dal segno.
  9. Initialism of dear/darling son.
    • 2011 March 17, Toby Young, “Mumsnet isn't representative of the 'squeezed middle'. It's just a bunch of Guardian-reading, laptop-wielding harpies”, in The Telegraph[1], archived from the original on 2011-03-20:
      You can get the general idea from a recent comment in response to a request from a mother for advice on where to send her DS (Darling Son) to school.
  10. (BDSM) Alternative form of D/s

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  1. Initialism of directeur sportif.