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  1. (metrology) Symbol for the petacoulomb, an SI unit of electric charge equal to 1015 coulombs.



PC (comparative more PC, superlative most PC)

  1. Initialism of partially continuous.
  2. Initialism of politically correct.
  3. Initialism of pro-choice.
  4. (Canada, politics, dated) Initialism of Progressive Conservative.


Derived termsEdit

  • (politically correct): PC up


PC (plural PCs)

  1. Initialism of parsec.
  2. Initialism of personal computer.
    1. A personal computer, especially one similar to an IBM PC that runs Microsoft Windows (or, originally, PC-DOS), usually as opposed to (say) an Apple Mac.
      • 1987, InfoWorld (volume 9, issues 27-39, page 28)
        “For some of the imaging we do,” says Richard Miner, research manager at the University of Lowell's Center for Productivity Enhancement, “we are using both the Amiga and the PC [with the bridge card]. []
      • 2006, Sonia Weiss, Streetwise Selling On Ebay →ISBN, page 89
        In general, the prices for PC and Mac laptops can be competitive, []
      • 2010, Ann Raimes, Maria Jerskey, Keys for Writers →ISBN, page 297:
        Versions of Word for PC and Mac
        It is not unusual to find both Mac and PC computers in college computer laboratories, so you may need to become familiar with both Word for PCs and Word for Mac.
  3. Initialism of photocopy.
  4. Initialism of player character.
    Antonym: NPC
  5. (Britain, Canada, law enforcement) Initialism of police constable.
  6. Initialism of political correctness.
  7. (organic chemistry) Initialism of polycarbonate.
  8. Initialism of posterior commissure.
  9. Initialism of privy council.
  10. Initialism of privy councillor.
  11. Initialism of press conference.
  12. (US) Initialism of probable cause.
  13. Initialism of Probate Court.
  14. (television) Initialism of production code.
  15. Initialism of Professional Corporation.
  16. (computing) Initialism of program counter.
  17. Initialism of progressive contextualization.
  18. (Canada, politics, dated) Initialism of Progressive Conservative.
  19. Initialism of protective custody.
  20. Initialism of private chat.
  21. Initialism of patrol craft.
  22. Initialism of pubococcygeus muscle.
  23. Initialism of professional cheerfulness.


  • 2005, Lance Parkin, The Gallifrey Chronicles, page 79
    ‘I talked them out of that, and now one of their PCs is letting me borrow their PC. Very PC of him, I thought,’ the Doctor explained.
    The three uses in this quotation mean police constable, personal computer, and politically correct, respectively.

Derived termsEdit

  • (police constable): WPC



Proper nounEdit


  1. Initialism of Proto-Celtic.
  2. Initialism of Penn Central.
  3. (US, navy) Initialism of Coastal Patrol.
  4. Initialism of Phrozen Crew.
  5. (Britain, UK politics) Initialism of Plaid Cymru.
  6. (US) Initialism of Presbyterian Church.
  7. (Canada, politics) Initialism of Progressive Canadian Party.
  8. (Canada, politics, dated) Initialism of Progressive Conservative Party.


PC (third-person singular simple present PCs, present participle PCing, simple past and past participle PCed)

  1. (sometimes with up) To make politically correct.
    • 1991 December, Renée Gearhart Levy, “PC’ed Out,” Syracuse University Magazine, quoted in Steven Mailloux, Reception Histories, Cornell University Press (1998), →ISBN, page 169.
    • a. 2005, John Donoghue, Shakespeare My Butt, Second Edition, Troubador Publishing Ltd (2005), →ISBN, page 193:
      However, the process of ‘PC’ing’ cheese on toast was too much for me.
    • 2005, Matthew Coker, Explanations 2005,, →ISBN, page 272:
      Becoming up in arms against the ACLU and others who are PCing Christmas really will amount to nothing in the end.
    • 2008, Giz, Ménage à 3
      Zii: Weren’t they purple, though?
      Gary: That was the cartoon. Hanna-Barbera PCed it up for Amer…

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PC m (plural PCs)

  1. PC (personal computer)


Proper nounEdit


  1. (journalism, in Canada) CP Initialism of Presse canadienne. (Canadian Press)

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(Presse canadienne):

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PC m

  1. Initialism of personal computer.