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  1. A surname from German.

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Etymology 1 edit

From Middle High German Dietrich, from Old High German Diotrih, ultimately from Proto-Germanic *Þeudarīks.

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Dietrich m (proper noun, strong, genitive Dietrichs)

  1. a male given name from Proto-Germanic, equivalent to English Derek

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Dietrich m or f (proper noun, surname, masculine genitive Dietrichs or (with an article) Dietrich, feminine genitive Dietrich, plural Dietrichs)

  1. a surname transferred from the given name
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Etymology 2 edit

Late Middle High German dieterich, related to the name, perhaps used as thieves' slang (as a Christian name) to veil "false key."[1] Compare similar semantic evolution in Italian grimaldello. Also see Swedish Dirk, dyrk.

Noun edit

Dietrich m (strong, genitive Dietrichs, plural Dietriche)

  1. picklock
Declension edit
Descendants edit
  • Polish: wytrych
  • ? Swedish: dyrk (calque)
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  1. ^ Friedrich Kluge (1883) “Dietrich”, in John Francis Davis, transl., Etymological Dictionary of the German Language, published 1891

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Polish edit

Etymology edit

Unadapted borrowing from German Dietrich. Doublet of wytrych.

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): /ˈdit.rix/
  • Rhymes: -itrix
  • Syllabification: Die‧trich

Proper noun edit

Dietrich m pers

  1. a male surname from German

Declension edit

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Dietrich f (indeclinable)

  1. a female surname from German

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  • Dietrich”, in Internetowy słownik nazwisk w Polsce [Internet dictionary of surnames in Poland], 2022