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Borrowed from German Drachenfutter (dragon fodder).


Drachenfutter (plural not attested)

  1. (very rare) A gift given to placate someone, especially a spouse, who is angry at the giver.
    • 1998 September 27, Rich G., “ok”, in alt.games.diablo, Usenet[1]:
      Without Drachenfutter the divorce rate would be far higher than it is now! :)
    • 2005 April 16, Roger Whitehead, uk.rec.photo.misc, Usenet[2]:
      Invest in some Drachenfutter* as well, then. . . . *You'll know the principle even if you don't know the term. It's 'dragon fodder', what errant German husbands give their wives when they've been up to something she'll disapprove of.
    • 2014, Jane Thynne, A War of Flowers, →ISBN:
      From what she had heard of relations between the Propaganda Minister and his wife over the past summer, Magda must have received Drachenfutter by the kilo, but it was having little effect.



From Drache +‎ -en- +‎ Futter.


Drachenfutter n (genitive Drachenfutters, no plural)

  1. (fantasy, fiction) dragon fodder, dragon food
    • 1903, Heimgarten, page 57.
      Das nächstemal that der Mann ein bischen Rattengift in das Drachenfutter.
      The next time the man put a little rat poison in the dragon fodder.
  2. a gift given to placate someone, Drachenfutter
    • 2015, Susanne Aernecke, Septemberkinder. Eine Kapitänstochter auf den Spuren ihres Vaters, Dumont Buchverlag.
      Warum er den mächtigen Schwiegerdrachen aus München, der keinen Hehl aus seiner Abneigung machte, nicht beiseitegefegt oder mit Drachenfutter (Pralinen oder Blumen) besänftigt hat?
      Why he didn't brush aside the fierce dragon-in-law from, that didn't care about his dislike, or placated her with Drachenfutter (chocolates or bouquets)?