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  1. (military, nautical) Initialism of His/Her Majesty's Ship. (a ship prefix used for a ship commissioned into the navy of a kingdom)
    Coordinate terms: USS, FS, IJN, RFS, ROKS, ROCS
    1. (UK, nautical, military) Initialism of Her (or His) Majesty's Ship; ship prefix of the Royal Navy of the UK
      Synonym: HBMS
      Hyponyms: HMAS, HMAV, HMV, HMAT, HMT, RFA
      Coordinate terms: RMS, RMMV
      1. (UK, historical) Initialism of His/Her Majesty's Schooner.
        Synonym: HBMS
        Hyponyms: HMAS, HBMAS
      2. (UK, historical) Initialism of His/Her Majesty's Sloop.
        Synonym: HBMS
        Hyponyms: HMAS, HBMAS
      3. (British Empire, historical) Synonym of HMCS (His/Her Majesty's Colonial Ship) A ship prefix for a ship of a power within the British Empire
        Synonym: HBMCS
        1. (informal, obsolete) Synonym of HMAS (Australia)
          Synonym: HBMAS
        2. (informal, obsolete) Synonym of HMCS (Canada)
          Synonym: HBMCS
        3. (informal, obsolete) Synonym of HMIS (India)
          Synonym: HBMIS
        4. (informal, obsolete) Synonym of HMNZS (New Zealand)
          Synonym: HBMNZS
        5. (informal, obsolete) Synonym of HMSAS (South Africa)
          Synonym: HBMSAS
    2. Synonym of HDMS (ship of Denmark's Royal Navy)
    3. Synonym of HNoMS (ship of Norway's Royal Navy)
    4. Synonym of HNLMS (ship of Holland's Royal Navy)
    5. Synonym of HSwMS (ship of Sweden's Royal Navy)
    6. Synonym of HTMS (ship of Thailand's Royal Navy)
    7. Synonym of HIMS (His Imperial Majesty's Ship)
      1. Synonym of HICMS (ship of the Empire of China's navy) (Ching/Qing Dynasty)
      2. Synonym of HIFMS (ship of the French Second Empire's navy)
      3. SMS: Synonym of HIGMS (ship of the German Second Reich's navy)
      4. IJN: Synonym of HIJMS (ship of Imperial Japan's navy)
      5. Synonym of HIRMS (ship of Czarist Russia's navy)
  2. Initialism of Her (or His) Majesty's Service.
  3. Initialism of hour-minute-second. (a method of writing angles).
  4. Initialism of hour-minute-second. (a method of writing times).


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(Her (or His) Majesty's Service):






  1. Abbreviation of hans/hendes majestæts skib (his/her majesty's ship). (ship prefix for the Danish navy)
    Coordinate term: KDM




  1. (nautical, military) Hans Majestäts Skepp / Hennes Majestäts SkeppHSwMS – His/Her Majesty's Ship (ship prefix of the Swedish Navy (Marinen))

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