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Satellite image of Hokkaido by Terra, May 2001

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From Japanese (ほっ)(かい)(どう) (Hokkaidō, North Sea Circuit), from Middle Chinese 北海 (pək-hʌi˧˥, Northern sea) +‎ (dáu, Circuit, a province-like administrative unit from Tang dynasty China).

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  1. The second largest island of Japan, capital Sapporo.
    • 2019, Supana Onikage, translated by Quof, edited by K. “Kitty-tama” Jordan, Lazy Dungeon Master, volume 5, J-Novel Club, →ISBN:
      I took another look at the map, impressed by how useful random modern Earth knowledge was in this world. Tsia Mountain, which contained our dungeon, was within the Empire’s territory. Using the size of the mountain to estimate distance… Yeah, the Empire was pretty huge. How many Hokkaidos could even fit in here? More than a few. Not to mention that there’s dozens of dungeons marked on the map.

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Hokkaido (plural Hokkaidos)

  1. A breed of dog originating from Japan, resembling a spitz dog breed, although not officially ranked as a spitz dog breed.
    • 1983, Pure-bred Dogs, American Kennel Gazette, page 11:
      [] Hokkaidos or Ainus (smaller versions of the Akita); Akitas, Japanese Spitz, Japanese Chin, Nippon Terriers and Kai Ken.

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Finnish edit

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From Japanese 北海道.

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  • IPA(key): /ˈhokːɑi̯do/, [ˈho̞kːɑ̝i̯do̞]
  • Rhymes: -okːɑido
  • Syllabification(key): Hok‧kai‧do

Proper noun edit


  1. Hokkaido (island or province)

Declension edit

Inflection of Hokkaido (Kotus type 1/valo, no gradation)
nominative Hokkaido
genitive Hokkaidon
partitive Hokkaidoa
illative Hokkaidoon
singular plural
nominative Hokkaido
accusative nom. Hokkaido
gen. Hokkaidon
genitive Hokkaidon
partitive Hokkaidoa
inessive Hokkaidossa
elative Hokkaidosta
illative Hokkaidoon
adessive Hokkaidolla
ablative Hokkaidolta
allative Hokkaidolle
essive Hokkaidona
translative Hokkaidoksi
abessive Hokkaidotta
comitative See the possessive forms below.
Possessive forms of Hokkaido (Kotus type 1/valo, no gradation)
first-person singular possessor
singular plural
nominative Hokkaidoni
accusative nom. Hokkaidoni
gen. Hokkaidoni
genitive Hokkaidoni
partitive Hokkaidoani
inessive Hokkaidossani
elative Hokkaidostani
illative Hokkaidooni
adessive Hokkaidollani
ablative Hokkaidoltani
allative Hokkaidolleni
essive Hokkaidonani
translative Hokkaidokseni
abessive Hokkaidottani
second-person singular possessor
singular plural
nominative Hokkaidosi
accusative nom. Hokkaidosi
gen. Hokkaidosi
genitive Hokkaidosi
partitive Hokkaidoasi
inessive Hokkaidossasi
elative Hokkaidostasi
illative Hokkaidoosi
adessive Hokkaidollasi
ablative Hokkaidoltasi
allative Hokkaidollesi
essive Hokkaidonasi
translative Hokkaidoksesi
abessive Hokkaidottasi
first-person plural possessor
singular plural
nominative Hokkaidomme
accusative nom. Hokkaidomme
gen. Hokkaidomme
genitive Hokkaidomme
partitive Hokkaidoamme
inessive Hokkaidossamme
elative Hokkaidostamme
illative Hokkaidoomme
adessive Hokkaidollamme
ablative Hokkaidoltamme
allative Hokkaidollemme
essive Hokkaidonamme
translative Hokkaidoksemme
abessive Hokkaidottamme
second-person plural possessor
singular plural
nominative Hokkaidonne
accusative nom. Hokkaidonne
gen. Hokkaidonne
genitive Hokkaidonne
partitive Hokkaidoanne
inessive Hokkaidossanne
elative Hokkaidostanne
illative Hokkaidoonne
adessive Hokkaidollanne
ablative Hokkaidoltanne
allative Hokkaidollenne
essive Hokkaidonanne
translative Hokkaidoksenne
abessive Hokkaidottanne
third-person possessor
singular plural
nominative Hokkaidonsa
accusative nom. Hokkaidonsa
gen. Hokkaidonsa
genitive Hokkaidonsa
partitive Hokkaidoaan
inessive Hokkaidossaan
elative Hokkaidostaan
illative Hokkaidoonsa
adessive Hokkaidollaan
ablative Hokkaidoltaan
allative Hokkaidolleen
essive Hokkaidonaan
translative Hokkaidokseen
abessive Hokkaidottaan

Portuguese edit

Proper noun edit

Hokkaido f

  1. Hokkaido (an island and prefecture in northern Japan)