German edit

Etymology edit

From Middle High German and Old High German huon, from Proto-West Germanic *hōn. Compare Dutch hoen. See also German Henne.

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): /huːn/
  • (file)

Noun edit

Huhn n (strong, genitive Huhnes or Huhns, plural Hühner, diminutive Hühnchen n or Hühnlein n)

  1. hen
    Synonym: Henne
    Mein Huhn hat schon Eier gelegt.
    My hen has already laid eggs.
  2. (chiefly in the plural also) chicken
    Synonym: Haushuhn

Usage notes edit

  • The singular Huhn is generally taken to mean a female chicken, whereas the plural Hühner may include roosters.

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