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  1. (international standards) ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code for Isle of Man since 2006.
    Synonym: IMN (alpha-3)

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  1. (proscribed, possibly nonstandard) Synonym of CMXCIX, the Roman numeral representing nine hundred and ninety-nine (999).

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IM (countable and uncountable, plural IMs)

  1. (computing) Initialism of information management.
  2. (Internet) Initialism of instant message.
    • 2010, Tim Collins, A Woman's Guide to Internet Dating, A Male Perspective (page 49)
      Have them meet you on your favorite messenger program. IMs provide a means of instant chat without waiting on someone to respond back to you.
  3. (Internet) Initialism of instant messaging.
    • 2007, Bill Daley, Computers Are Your Future, page 70:
      Another threat to the use of IM is a phenomenon known as spimming. Spimming is to IM as spam is to e-mail. Some aggressive spimmers learned how to take over one IMer's contact list — threatening a company's entire IM system!
    • 2008 January–February, Chris Rodell, “Small talk, big results”, in Men's Health, volume 23, number 1, ISSN 1054-4836, page 80:
      Sure, we may use cellphones and e-mail hundreds of times a week, but we say very little. [] Most of our talk, even in privileged IM circles, is no deeper than the words we exchange with the pizza guy.
  4. (aviation) Initialism of inner marker.
  5. (swimming) Initialism of individual medley.
    • 2021 August 11, Joe Randleman, “Magnificent Meghan: Donald ready to defend state swimming titles for Ames High”, in Ames Tribune[1]:
      "When I first joined ACAC (Ames Cyclones Aquatics Club), we were swimming together in a lane and I ended up going behind her," Hala said. "We were doing IM (individual medley) in warm-up and I was on her feet and I was like I'm an IMer, can I go ahead of you? She told me no."
  6. (business) Initialism of information memorandum.
  7. (business) Initialism of innovation management.
  8. Initialism of idea management.
  9. (countable, chess) Initialism of International Master.


IM (third-person singular simple present IMs, present participle IMing, simple past and past participle IMed)

  1. Initialism of instant message (verb)
    IM me when you get home.
    • 2010, Jeanne C. Meister; Karie Willyerd, The 2020 Workplace [] [2], Harper Collins, →ISBN:
      “WDYT,” she IM'd Sophie, wondering what her new friend thought of the idea. Sophie, sitting next to her, quickly IM'd back “G4I” to show her support.

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  1. Initialism of intramuscular.



 Inoffizieller Mitarbeiter on German Wikipedia


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IM m (genitive IM, plural IM)

  1. (historical) inoffizieller Mitarbeiter (also: Inoffizieller Mitarbeiter), an informant in the German Democratic Republic who delivered private information to the Ministry for State Security


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