1. (informal, Internet slang, text messaging, humorous) Initialism of in my not at all humble opinion.
    • 1991 September 14, Brian A. Bargmeyer, “Re: Drugs and kids -- the neverending flame-fest”, in alt.drugs, Usenet[1]:
      IMNAAHO (In my not at all humble opinion) I feel that anybody who passes their judgement on others without considering that person's context is acting in most heinously ethnocentric (anthro term) fashion.
    • 1995 October 30, Chad R Orzel, “Re: David Brin: Recommendations?”, in rec.arts.sf.written, Usenet[2]:
      _Earth_ is possibly my least favorite Brin novel (though _The Practice Effect_ probably edges it out...)- it really didn't do much for me. There were some interesting ideas there, but it just didn't click, IMNAAHO.
    • 1999 September 8, maenad [username], “Re: To A. Stone from Julyana...”, in alt.callahans, Usenet[3]:
      People who want to control who you talk to are *not* suitable relationship material, IMNAAHO.


  • IMNSHO (In My Not So Humble Opinion)


  • IMHO (In My Humble Opinion)