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From Lak Lak. More at Laks.

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Lak pl (plural only)

  1. An ethnic group who live primarily in southern Dagestan, Russia.

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  1. A North Caucasian language spoken by the Lak people. It is written with a Cyrillic alphabet.

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Plautdietsch edit

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Lak f (plural --)

  1. varnish, lacquer, shellac

Saterland Frisian edit

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From Old Frisian *lak, *lek, from Proto-West Germanic *lak, from Proto-Germanic *laką, *lakaz (blame, deficiency, lack).

Noun edit

Lak m (plural Lakke)

  1. flaw, defect, deficiency, lack; disadvantage
  2. failure
  3. punishment, reprehension, beating, one's dues