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Etymology 1 edit

Inherited from Old Galician-Portuguese Leon, from Latin Legiōnem. Doublet of legião.

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  1. León (a province and former kingdom in northwestern Spain)
  2. León (a city, the provincial capital of León, Spain)
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Leão is never indicated by an article; see usage notes for Portugal.

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Proper noun edit

Leão m or f by sense

  1. a surname

Etymology 2 edit

From Latin Leō.

Proper noun edit

Leão m

  1. A male given name of historical usage, notably borne by several Roman Catholic popes
  2. (astronomy) Leo (a constellation)
  3. (astrology) Leo (a zodiac sign)
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Áries/Carneiro Touro Gémeos/Gêmeos Câncer/Caranguejo
Leão Virgem Libra/Balança Escorpião
Sagitário Capricórnio Aquário/Aquarius Peixes

Etymology 3 edit

From leão (lion).

Proper noun edit

Leão m

  1. (Brazil, colloquial) nickname of the Brazilian internal revenue service