U+264E, ♎

Miscellaneous Symbols

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The curve in the top stroke may vary from a capital Ω-shape to a small bump.

Etymology Edit

A balance (pair of scales).

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  1. (astrology) The symbol for the sign Libra
  2. (astronomy, rare) The symbol for the constellation Libra
  3. (alchemy, archaic) Symbol for sublimation
    Synonyms: 🝞, 🝠
  4. (rare) September[1]
(2): The 1833 US Nautical Almanac using the symbol ♎︎ for stars in the constellation of Libra, here 2 ξ ♎︎ (Xi2 Librae), γ ♎︎ (Gamma Librae), η ♎︎ (Eta Librae), θ ♎︎ (Theta Librae).
Presentations of ♎︎
♎︎ ♎️
Note: Character's appearance
may be different on each system.
Text style is forced with ︎
and emoji style with ️

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  1. ^ Rudolf Koch (1955 [1930]) The Book of Signs. Dover, p. 56