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A variant form common in Europe

Translingual edit

Alternative forms edit

This is the most variable of the signs. It may look like a V connected to an ʃ shape (see box at right), like an ɳ or ȵ shape ending in a crossing loop, or like a 7 or with a counter-clockwise crossing loop at the bottom. In the latter case the loop may be small or quite large, as seen in the second image at right. These all originate as manuscript variants of the same basic form.

Etymology edit

A stylized representation of the chimeric capricorn (head and forelegs of a goat, curling tail of a fish).

Symbol edit


  1. (astrology) The symbol for the sign Capricorn.
  2. (astronomy, rare) The symbol for the constellation Capricornus.
  3. (rare) December[1]
  4. (alchemy, archaic) fermentation, putrefaction
    Synonym: 🝤
(2): The 1833 US Nautical Almanac using the symbol for ♑︎ stars in the constellation of Capricornus, here γ ♑︎ (Gamma Capricorni) and δ ♑︎ (Delta Capricorni).
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References edit

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