U+264B, ♋

Miscellaneous Symbols

Translingual edit

Alternative forms edit

The strokes coming from the circles may be straight and horizontal, or slightly curved, to forming arcs of a larger circle themselves.

Etymology edit

A pair of crab claws.

Symbol edit


  1. (astrology) The symbol for the sign Cancer.
  2. (astronomy, rare) The symbol for the constellation Cancer.
  3. (rare) June[1]
  4. (alchemy, archaic) dissolve
    Synonyms: 🝡, 🝢
  5. (botany, obsolete) dioecious[2]
(2): The 1833 US Nautical Almanac using the symbol ♋︎ for stars in the constellation of Cancer, here δ ♋︎ (Delta Cancri).
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♋︎ ♋️
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References edit

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