U+264D, ♍

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The symbol may have a single hump, rather than two, with the loop crossing the second downward stroke, or have three downward strokes but with the third ending in a tail, like the letter ɱ, without a crossing loop.

Etymology edit

Unknown, but it has been suggested that the symbol derives from a letter M for (the Virgin) Mary in the Middle Ages, though the sign had earlier been identified with the goddess Ceres/Demeter. It has also been suggested to be a ligature of Greek παρ (par), for Ancient Greek παρθένος (parthénos, maiden).

Symbol edit


  1. (astrology) The symbol for the sign Virgo.
  2. (astronomy, rare) The symbol for the constellation Virgo.
  3. (rare) August[1]
  4. (alchemy, archaic) distillation
    Synonym: 🝠
(2): The 1833 US Nautical Almanac using the symbol ♍︎ for stars in the constellation of Virgo, here θ ♍︎ (Theta Virginis), ν ♍︎ (Nu Virginis), π ♍︎ (Pi Virginis).
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♍︎ ♍️
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may be different on each system.
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References edit

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