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MAW (plural MAWs)

  1. (informal, derogatory) Initialism of model, actress, whatever: a young woman without much talent who attains celebrity through physical attractiveness.
    • 1996 October 19, Hester Lacey, “She's left her wild-child self behind, learned from her multitude of mistakes and even got a proper job. So why do we hate her?”, in The Independent:
      Tamara was one of the original wild-child tribe - up to now, famous mainly for being famous. She has done a quantity of high-profile dabbling in modelling, acting, television and journalism (file under MAW - Model, Actress, Whatever - or WAIF - Why Am I Famous?)
    • 2001, Bill Robinson, Ceridwen Morris, It's All Your Fault: How To Make It as a Hollywood Assistant, page 33:
      Next to them, you spot what can only be a director's assistant. He's dressed very casually, jeans and a black T-shirt and he uses his tenuous connection to true Hollywood power to flirt with the most attractive MAWs (Model-Actress-Whatever) []
    • 2013, B. Hesse Pflingger, Fonko on the Carpet:
      Through his Hollywood connections he filled out the ranks of our parties with troops of assorted aspiring starlets, production assistants and thrillseeking party dolls—MAWs (“Model/Actress/Whatever”).

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