See also: ott, OTT, ött, -ott, o.t.t., and -ött

English edit

Proper noun edit


  1. Abbreviation of Ottawa.

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Estonian edit

Etymology edit

Short form of Otto, also from archaic Estonian oht, a nickname for a bear, cognate with Finnish Ohto.

Proper noun edit


  1. a male given name

German edit

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Etymology 1 edit

Proper noun edit

Ott m or f (proper noun, surname, masculine genitive Otts or (with an article) Ott, feminine genitive Ott, plural Otts)

  1. a surname

Etymology 2 edit

Borrowed from Turkish ot (literally weed, herb).

Noun edit

Ott n (strong, genitive Otts, no plural)

  1. (immigrant slang) synonym of Weed (marijuana)
    • 2017 April 7, 18 Karat (lyrics and music), “Straßenabitur”, in Pusha[1]:
      meine Jungs sind
      Macher! Jeder aus deim Block ist bluff
      Eure Jungs nicht echt, euer Ott ist çöp
      My squad are
      doers! Everyone in your ends is a phoney
      Your gang is fake, your weed is rubbish.
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