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  1. (business, uncountable) NYSE stock-ticker symbol for Playboy Entertainment Holdings
  2. (business, uncountable) Initialism of Port of London Authority.
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  3. (military, uncountable) Initialism of People’s Liberation Army. (the army of the People’s Republic of China)
  4. (politics, dated, uncountable) Initialism of Palestinian Liberation Army. (a traditional army of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, no longer extant)

Derived termsEdit


PLA (plural PLAs)

  1. (electronics, countable) Initialism of programmable logic array.
  2. (organic chemistry) Initialism of polylactic acid.
    • 2016. Wang Y, Qu W, Choi SH. "FDA;s Regulatory Science Program for Generic PLA/PLGA-Based Drug Products", American Pharmaceutical Review, 19(4):14.
      There are currently 15 FDA-approved PLA/PLGA-based drug products available on the US market (Table 1).
  3. (software, design) Initialism of principle of least astonishment.

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  • (electronics): PAL

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