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  1. A topographic surname derived from the Old English pyrige (a pear tree).
  2. A unisex given name.
    1. A unisex given name transferred from the surname.
    2. A diminutive of the unisex given name Peregrine.
  3. A placename.
    1. A township in Ontario, Canada
    2. A village in Cambridgeshire, England, United Kingdom
    3. A town in Arkansas, United States.
    4. A city, the county seat of Taylor County, Florida, United States.
    5. A city, the county seat of Houston County, Georgia, United States.
    6. A village in Illinois, United States.
    7. A city in Iowa, United States.
    8. A city in Kansas, United States.
    9. A town in Maine, United States.
    10. A city in Michigan, United States.
    11. A city in Missouri, United States.
    12. A village in Ohio, United States.
    13. A city in Oklahoma, United States.
    14. A city in Utah, United States.

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