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OS (not comparable)

  1. outsize (clothes for large people)
  2. Old Style; a term used in English language historical studies to indicate that a date conforms to the Julian calendar instead of the modern Gregorian calendar


OS (plural OSes or OSs)

  1. (Britain) an Ordnance Survey map.
    We've got an OS of the Cuckmere area.
  2. (software) operating system
    I've decided to install two different OSes on my new laptop.
    • 2008, Karim Yaghmour, Jon Masters, Gilad Ben-Yossef, Building Embedded Linux Systems:
      Some vendors do now have a variant of the per-unit royalty (usually termed a “shared risk,” or similar approach), but it is not strictly the same as for those proprietary embedded OSes mentioned before []
    • 2010, Jorge Orchilles, Microsoft Windows 7 Administrator's Reference:
      A policy-created scheduled task will be accepted by computers running client OSes as old as Windows 2000 []
    • 2009, Emmett Dulaney, CompTIA A+ Complete Review Guide:
      In a dual-boot configuration, you install two OSs on the computer (Windows XP and Windows 2000, for example).
  3. oculus sinister — left eye

Derived termsEdit





OS (plural OS-ek)

  1. (computing) Abbreviation of operating system.


Inflection (stem in -e-, front unrounded harmony)
singular plural
nominative OS OS-ek
accusative OS-t OS-eket
dative OS-nek OS-eknek
instrumental OS-sel OS-ekkel
causal-final OS-ért OS-ekért
translative OS-sé OS-ekké
terminative OS-ig OS-ekig
essive-formal OS-ként OS-ekként
inessive OS-ben OS-ekben
superessive OS-en OS-eken
adessive OS-nél OS-eknél
illative OS-be OS-ekbe
sublative OS-re OS-ekre
allative OS-hez OS-ekhez
elative OS-ből OS-ekből
delative OS-ről OS-ekről
ablative OS-től OS-ektől
Possessive forms of OS
possessor single possession multiple possessions
1st person sing. OS-em OS-eim
2nd person sing. OS-ed OS-eid
3rd person sing. OS-e OS-ei
1st person plural OS-ünk OS-eink
2nd person plural OS-etek OS-eitek
3rd person plural OS-ük OS-eik





  1. operating system; Abbreviation of operativsystem.
  2. the Olympic Games; Abbreviation of olympiska spelen.