This Proto-Celtic entry contains reconstructed terms and roots. As such, the term(s) in this entry are not directly attested, but are hypothesized to have existed based on comparative evidence.

Proto-Celtic edit

Etymology edit

A re-formation of *ben (directly inherited from Proto-Indo-European *gʷḗn < *gʷenh₂) as a feminine ā-stem.

Noun edit

*benā f[1]

  1. woman

Declension edit

Ā-stem, irregular
singular dual plural
nominative *benā *bnai? *bnās
vocative *benā *bnai? *bnās
accusative *benam *bnai? *bnams
genitive *bnās *bnous *bnaom?, *bnanom, *banom
dative *bnāi *bnābom *bnābos
locative *bnai *? *?
instrumental *? *bnābim *bnābis

Related terms edit

  • *ben
    • Old Irish: , ·bǽ, ·bée
      • Irish:

Descendants edit

References edit

  1. ^ Matasović, Ranko (2009) “*benā, *bena”, in Etymological Dictionary of Proto-Celtic (Leiden Indo-European Etymological Dictionary Series; 9), Leiden: Brill, →ISBN, page 61