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From Middle High German solt, from Old French solt, from Latin solidus (a Roman gold coin).

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Noun edit

Sold m (strong, genitive Soldes or Solds, plural Solde)

  1. (military, loosely or historical) any pay or salary of a soldier
    Schon am Zahltag hatte der junge Husarenkorporal seinen ganzen Wochensold versoffen.
    Already on payday the young hussar corporal had spent his entire weekly pay on drink.
  2. (military, Germany) the daily basic pay of a soldier who serves less than two years, including (until 2011) conscripts as well as those rendering the substitute service (Zivildienst)
  3. (loosely) Short for Besoldung (kind of salary for soldiers and civil servants).
  4. (figurative) pay, payroll, reward
    Er ist ein schamloser Lobbyist im Sold der Wirtschafts- und Finanzelite.
    He is a shameless lobbiyst on the payroll of the economic and financial elite.

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