Zodiac signs in Japanese · (こう)(どう)(じゅう)()(きゅう) (kōdō jūnikyū, twelve zodiac signs) (layout · text)
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(はく)(よう)(きゅう) (Hakuyōkyū, White Sheep) ♈︎ (きん)(ぎゅう)(きゅう) (Kingyūkyū, Golden Bull) ♉︎ (そう)()(きゅう) (Sōshikyū, Twins) ♊︎ (きょ)(かい)(きゅう) (Kyokaikyū, Giant Crab) ♋︎
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()()(きゅう) (Shishikyū, Lion) ♌︎ (しょ)(じょ)(きゅう) (Shojokyū, Virgin) ♍︎ (てん)(びん)(きゅう) (Tenbinkyū, Balance) ♎︎ (てん)(かつ)(きゅう) (Tenkatsukyū, Heavenly Scorpion) ♏︎
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(じん)()(きゅう) (Jinbakyū, Centaur) ♐︎ ()(かつ)(きゅう) (Makatsukyū, Wether) ♑︎ (ほう)(へい)(きゅう) (Hōheikyū, Precious Vase) ♒︎ (そう)(ぎょ)(きゅう) (Sōgyokyū, Twin Fish) ♓︎

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