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Contributions edit

Date of Editing Page (Language/Section) Changed
Oct 20, 2013 absent (English) Added "poissa" as the Finnish translation for the English word "absent"
Dec 1, 2013 mieluummin (Finnish) Changed definition from "rather than" to "rather"
Jan 6, 2014 rotassa (Finnish) Corrected it from "illative of rotta" to "inessive of rotta"
Jan 9, 2014 kulta (Finnish) Added "English gold" to the etymology section under "compare to"
Jan 25, 2014 I need food (English) Added Finnish translation "tarvitsen ruokaa."
Feb 7, 2014 huvittunut (Finnish) Created the page. Active past participle of huvittua
Feb 9, 2014 Appendix:Finnish conjugation/tulla Corrected it from "type III" to "type II"
Feb 27, 2014 gallery (English) Added "galleria" as the Finnish translation.
Feb 28, 2014 rakennukselta (Finnish) Created the page. Ablative singular of rakennus
Feb 28, 2014 rakentajaa (Finnish) Created the page. Partitive singular of rakentaja
Mar 1, 2014 liuennut (Finnish) Created the page. Past active participle of liueta
Mar 6, 2014 liuennut (Finnish) Moved the declension table that someone else added from the verb section to the adjective section.
Mar 20, 2014 standard (English) Added "standardi" as the Finnish translation for the English word "standard"
Apr 27, 2014 regna (Swedish) Added "regnskog" to the related terms section.
May 4, 2014 korva (Finnish) Removed "korvalla" from the related terms section because it really isn't its own word, but rather a declined version of korva. It also appears in the declension table and there is no need for two links for the same word in one section of an article.
May 4, 2014 I need food (English) Added Finnish translation "tarvitsen rahaa."
May 10, 2014 kuuma (Finnish) Added another definition (kuuma = hot (physically attractive))
May 30, 2014 puhuja (Finnish) Added another definition (puhuja = an orator)
Jun 1, 2014 ajatuksekkaasti (Finnish) Created the page. Adverbial version of ajatuksekas
Jun 3, 2014 hapokas (Finnish) Changed definition from "acid" to "acidic" because "hapokas" is an adjective form of "happo" which means "acid"
Jun 5, 2014 vähän aikaa (Finnish) Changed it from "The choice of the case (accusative or transitive) depends on the verb." into "The choice of the case (accusative or translative) depends on the verb." because "transitive" is a type of verb and "translative" is one of two cases in which "vähän" can be seen in the phrase "vähän aikaa"
Jun 6, 2014 upealta (Finnish) Corrected it from "Elative singular of upea" to "Ablative singular of upea"
Aug 23, 2014 olisipa (Finnish) Corrected the translation from "If it was..." to "If it were..." because the actual meaning of "olisi" is "would be / were (subjunctive)" and not the colloquial/incorrect subjunctiveː was.
Dec 31, 2014 tehnyt (Finnish) Corrected a spelling error (ollisit - olisit) and a translation error (If you had done - If you would have done)
Feb 18, 2015 lepuuttaa (Finnish) Corrected spelling error in the example sentence (ennenkuin - ennen kuin)