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Hi! I'm PerfectlyOutOfSync. I have lived in the UK for all of my life and was also born there. A close family member has ties to Cantonese and Meixian Hakka languages[1], which is why I wish to contribute in those areas. I have strong interests in drawing[2], linguistics and learning languages[3]. I am an active contributor to the English Wiktionary and essentially nowhere else. I don't mind about pronouns - but 'she' or 'they' would be preferred[4]. I'm also a big fan of K-pop[5]. I'm still very new to the site (joined in 2018) so please, of course, point out my mistakes or delete any possible errors I have made[6].

Main ContributionsEdit

  • Adding Cantonese pronunciation to Chinese entries
  • Adding Pinyin entries for Chinese entries
  • Adding Jyutping entries for Chinese entries
  • Fixing English entries
  • Merging Mandarin and Cantonese definitions
  • Moving translingual definitions to Chinese
  • Pages for dialectical synonyms of a character/word
  • Adding dialectical synonyms to the modules



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  1. ^ My mother is Chinese and spoke Hakka at home, while speaking Cantonese outside home. So, I am half Chinese and half British.
  2. ^ I began to draw 'seriously' in January of 2017.
  3. ^ I am currently learning Cantonese and at a beginner-intermediate level. When young, I was never taught any Cantonese (at all), so I have decided to self-teach myself the language. At my school, it is mandatory to take French lessons.
  4. ^ It's gotten to a point where I don't even care if someone calls me 'it'. But, still, I would prefer being called 'she' or 'they'.
  5. ^ I stan a lot of groups.
  6. ^ You can do this at my Talk Page.