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My name is Jeff Knaggs in the real world, but you can call me what you like (My Homepage)

I am a contributor to, and administrator of Wiktionary and a sometime contributor to Wikipedia

Projects include:-

  1. Add Italian words, to build Index:Italian
  2. Add Latin words, to build Index:Latin
  3. Add French words, to build Index:French
  4. Add German words, to build Index:German
  5. Add words from chemistry, physics and biology
  6. Add words from the over 200,000 articles on [1] PLOS ONE

I am the owner of the bot SemperBlottoBot which used to add the conjugated forms of Italian verbs, and forms of Italian nouns and adjectives (and similarly with words of a few other languages).

As an administrator I patrol "Recent changes", look out for vandalism, and spruce up any new articles that need it.

Me, on other Wikimedia projects

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Currently listening to Serial.