These are some Wiktionary projects that I am working on, or are planned for the future.

Should I fall off my perch before completing them, somebody else might (or might not) want to complete them.


  • Add verbs ending in -arsela (and similar endings) - base on filarsela
  • For every conjugated form of the most common irregular verbs (e.g. essere, avere, stare, fare, andare etc.) - add a usex and translation.
  • Add missing words from User:Robert Ullmann/Italiano - Note: User:Barmar has had a go at this already, so the remainder may be bad or difficult
  • Add a thousand or so basic words (if we don't already have them) from (most of) the languages of Italy.



  • Add missing words scraped from la.wikifons (wikisource)
  • Add taxonomic Latin entries from User:Pengo/Latin


  • Create citations page for every chemical element (similar to that for hydrogen.
  • Add missing "derived terms" of poly-