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  1. Initialism of Royal Victorian Order.

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VO (plural VOs)

  1. Initialism of voiceover.
  2. Initialism of visiting order.
    • 1998, Angela Devlin, Invisible Women: What's Wrong With Women's Prisons?, page 82:
      Visiting a busy prison like Holloway can at first be intimidating to the uninitiated, especially as everyone else seems familiar with the procedure. A convicted prisoner must send a VO to anyone wishing to visit her.

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  • IPA(key): /ve.o/
  • (file)

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  1. (initialism, film) "version originale" — original-language version (OV); a non-French-language film

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VO f

  1. (law) Initialism of Verordnung. (regulation)

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