Virgin Mary


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Etymology 1Edit

virgin +‎ Mary, from the belief that Mary was still a virgin when she bore Christ.


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Proper nounEdit

(the) Virgin Mary

  1. (Christianity) Mary, the mother of Christ.
    Synonyms: advocatrix, Blessed Virgin, Christotokos, New Eve, Madonna, Mother of God, Mother of Mercy, Our Lady, Our Lady of Sorrows, Queen of Heaven, Saint Mary, Star of the Sea, (chiefly Eastern Christianity) Theotokos, Coredemptrix, Mater Dei, Our Lady of The Seven Dolours, Morning Star

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Etymology 2Edit

Blend of virgin +‎ Bloody Mary, from non-alcoholic drinks being labelled "virgin".

Alternative formsEdit


Virgin Mary (plural Virgin Marys)

  1. A drink made with tomato juice and spices, resembling a Bloody Mary, but without alcohol.
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