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Contraction of white Sunday


Whitsunday (plural Whitsundays)

  1. The Sunday of the feast of Pentecost, seven weeks after Easter, when traditionally many Christians would be baptised, wearing white clothes
    • 1773, John Byrom, "On Whitsunday" in Miscellaneous Poems:
      Jesus, ascended into Heav'n again/Bestow'd this won'drous Gift upon good Men/That various Nations, by his Spirit led,/All understood what Galileans said.
    • 2004, Vicki K Black, Welcome to the Church Year: An Introduction to the Seasons of the Episcopal Church:
      An older name for this day [Pentecost] is Whitsunday, or “white Sunday,” named for the white garments worn by the newly baptised.
  2. (Scotland) A quarter day, falling on 15th May

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