Wiktionary:About Chinese/tasks

Below are some of the tasks pertinent to Chinese-language entries on Wiktionary.

Regular patrollingEdit

  1. Recent changes to Chinese entries (can be customised – hide registered users, hide patrolled edits, etc.):
    Changes to Category:Chinese lemmas
    The recent 2000 unpatrolled changes to Chinese lemmas
  2. {{zh-forms}} or {{zh-see}} linking to nonexistent pages:
    Category:Chinese terms with uncreated forms

Entry maintenanceEdit

  1. Entries using {{zh-see}} to link to an entry without a Chinese section:
    Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:tracking/zh-see/no Chinese section found
    Simplified entries only
  2. Entries using {{zh-see}} to link to another variant character not containing {{zh-pron}}:
    Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:tracking/zh-see/unidirectional reference to variant
  3. Entries using {{zh-see}} to link to entries without reciprocal mentioning in their {{zh-forms}}:
    Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:tracking/zh-see/unidirectional reference variant→orthodox
  4. Entries using {{zh-forms}} with gloss-less components:
    Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:tracking/zh-forms/no gloss found for Chinese character (character)
    Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:tracking/zh-forms/no gloss found but entry exists (blue-linked multisyllabic)
    Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:tracking/zh-forms/no gloss found with a nonexistent entry (red-linked multisyllabic)
  5. Expansion and cleanup needed for character pages:
    Details at User:Wyang/char-summary and User:Justinrleung/char-summary
  6. Entries with missing senses:
    User:Tooironic/Chinese entries with missing senses
  7. Entries with Pinyin different from CC-CEDICT and/or Dictionary by the Ministry of Education of Taiwan:
  8. Entries with missing Cantonese readings, sorted by importance:
  9. Compounds with Mandarin or Cantonese character readings not found in the individual character pages:
    Cantonese: User:Wyang/check-yue-pron, search
  10. Compounds (ABCD) not mentioned in derived terms on the component pages (AB and CD)
    Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:tracking/zh-forms/compounds not mentioned in derived terms on the component pages (for component with more than one character)
  11. {{zh-pron}} usage missing POS
    zh-pron usage missing POS
    Entries in the above category that are not hanzi
  12. Entries with multiple/problematic Min Nan readings lacking location labels
    Category:Min Nan terms needing pronunciation attention
  13. Translations into Chinese to be checked (split by topolect) - Mandarin, Cantonese, etc.
    Requests for review of Mandarin translations
    Requests for review of Cantonese translations
  14. List the routinely consulted dictionaries under Wiktionary:About Chinese/references.
  15. Clearing Han character categories for individual lects.
    Mandarin Han characters
    Cantonese Han characters
  16. Characters with mc/oc paramater but no data to show (e.g. , which are incorrectly categorized to Category:Middle Chinese lemmas and Category:Old Chinese lemmas)
    Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:tracking/zh-pron/Middle Chinese data not found
    Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:tracking/zh-pron/Old Chinese data not found
  17. Invalid syllables in Module:zh/data/yue-word
  18. Characters with translingual definitions
  19. Entries lacking a {{zh-dial}} template
  20. Characters with specific part of speech headers
    Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:tracking/zh-forms/specific part of speech header used
  21. Compare Zhengzhang's reconstructions in the second edition of his book (2013) with those in the first edition (2003) and update the data modules (very minor differences from a quick look)

Done but need to be regularly checkedEdit

  1. Yes check.svg Done (24 Jun 2018) Entries with zh-pron but no definition section (e.g. ).
    Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:tracking/zh-forms/no definitions section found
  2. Yes check.svg Done (24 Jun 2018) "Derived terms" L3 heading fix, on entries without a second PoS
  3. Yes check.svg Done (24 Jun 2018) Entries with {{wikipedia}} instead of {{zh-wp}}

Entry creationEdit

  1. Entries from Modern Standard Chinese Dictionary (现代汉语规范词典) missing on Wiktionary:
  2. CEDICT entries missing on Wiktionary:
  3. Chinese entries to add, by Tooironic:
    User:Tooironic/Chinese entries to add
  4. Missing chengyu and suyu:
    User:Tooironic/Chengyu list and User:Tooironic/Suyu list
  5. Missing entries with multiple topolect readings:
  6. Requested entries on Wiktionary (note many of these are rare and low-priority):
    Wiktionary:Requested entries (Chinese)
  7. Red-linked Chinese terms in existing translations:
  8. Appendix:Mandarin Frequency lists (the appendices require some attention - duplicates, definitions and pinyin among others):
    Appendix:Mandarin Frequency lists
  9. Wu Chinese requiring transliterations (this is a request list, it's important to add those to actual Chinese entries if Wu readings are valid and applicable):


  1. Fix the disappearance of spaces in Pinyin after erhua or toneless-ification in {{zh-pron}}.
  2. {{zh-pron}} argument and layout redesign - e.g. |m=xiǎoháiR, |m=lìdù_, |m=Ōu-^亞, |mn=qz:ge̍rh{白}/qz:goa̍t{文}, Quanzhou: ge̍rh /ɡəʔ²⁴/ {}, goa̍t /ɡuat̚²⁴/ {}.
  3. Add phonetic bopomofo, e.g. "ㄑㄧㄥˊ ㄅㄨˋ ㄗˋ ㄐㄧㄣ [Phonetic: ㄑㄧㄥˊ ㄅㄨˊ ㄗˋ ㄐㄧㄣ]" for 情不自禁.
  4. Redesign modules for dialectal pronunciation table for single-character entries, e.g. more flexible entry of pronunciations, no display of location if there is no pronunciation for that location, incorporation of Module:zh/data/dial.
  5. Entry header level check, best if automatic whenever there is a ==Chinese== section. Headers should have defined relative levels.
  6. List Cantonese characters with only one pronunciation, and generate a list of compound pronunciations for entries making use of these characters which are currently pronunciation-less. Batch upload after review. Make {{zh-new}} automatically add the Cantonese pronunciation if it is entirely predictable.
  7. See points #9, 10 in #Entry maintenance above.
  8. Rewrite Wiktionary:About Chinese/references in Lua, allowing one to locate the (highlighted) specific reference after the click.
  9. Error check functions in Module:zh-pron and its submodules, detecting errors such as: (1) incorrect diacritic placement in Pinyin; (2) invalid Jyutping syllables; (3) space before and after the parameter names (e.g. | m = xxx); etc.
  10. General display improvement, more dynamic features (e.g. hover), more JavaScript usage, etc.
  11. Think about a general JSON-like structure of term data storage and incorporate ID's for senses, instead of the currently ad-hoc extraction of glosses by {{zh-forms}}.
  12. Centralise all usage examples and quotations in a backend database and assign each word in the example to a sense in the entry. Make the database queryable. Automatically display examples and quotes on the entry.
  13. Synonyms, Antonyms, See-also terms and Dial-syn display format redesign, with terms placed directly underneath senses with an improved layout, perhaps with drop-downs similar to quotations ▼.
  14. IPA for the sub-dialects of Teochew: Bangkok, Cambodia, Chaoyang (潮陽), Chaozhou (潮州), Chenghai (澄海), Huilai (惠來), Jieyang (揭陽), Kalimantan, Nan'ao County (南澳), Puning (普寧), Raoping (饒平), Shantou (汕頭).
  15. Support for more sub-dialects of the Southern group of Eastern Min: Fuqing dialect, Gutian dialect.
  16. Support for more lects, including:
    Dialects with known transliteration systems
    Dialects without known transliteration systems
  17. Linking {{zh-see}} to relevant etymology/pronunciation sections instead of default Chinese section (when required). See Talk:攰 for more.
  18. Automatic pinyin transliteration of compounds with different pronunciations in mainland China and Taiwan based on Module:zh/data/cmn-tag. See Talk:擁 for more.
  19. Inclusion of compound words from 《兩岸萌典》 when {{subst:zh-new/der}} is invoked. The current output from 《萌典》 contains a significant number of classical Chinese compounds and lacks certain terms commonly used in vernacular speech. Compare 崗(兩岸萌典) and 崗(萌典)
  20. Yes check.svg Done Adding Tongyong Pinyin to zh-pron (First attempt [1])
  21. Support for Old National Pronunciation.
  22. Existing simplified forms that are not using newly-encoded characters (example: 牛犅萤牛𰠫萤).