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This page is for request jobs. Cleanup jobs are at Wiktionary:Todo.

What follows is an overview of lists of things to do, which can be used as a worklist for both new and old Wiktionary editors. Don't forget to heed Wiktionary:Criteria for inclusion and Wiktionary:Entry layout, especially if you are new to Wiktionary.




  • Category:Requests – A root and heterogenous category for requests, with a wide variety of subcategories including requests for new entries per language, for cleanup, for adding headers to translation tables, for audio pronunciation, for etymology and more.

English entries to write:

Non-English entries to write or update:

Translations in "Translations" sections of English entries:



  • Appendix:Swadesh lists — Add lists of basic vocabulary in many world languages.
  • Pronunciations that differ in UK and US English (and other varieties) – A list of these words is given in Wikipedia. Add pronunciations for these only if you are thoroughly familiar with how to transcribe UK and US pronunciation using the IPA and SAMPA pronunciation schemes.
  • Wikipedia terminology lists – Add terms and definitions from Wikipedia's glossaries and terminology lists and appendices. One such list is in w:Musical terminology. Partial lists also reside at w:Category:Glossaries and w:List of glossaries. Many are good candidates for manual importation and editing to check the definitions and make them Wiktionary-ready. We can also help both projects by flagging other Wikipedia word lists with these categories as we find them.

Requested entries


Requested entries pages:

Wanted entries: User:Jberkel/lists/wanted/latest.

Requested translations


Pages for requested translations, to be added to "Translations" sections of English entries:

Requested etymologies


Entries for which etymology has been requested:

See also Wiktionary:Etymology.

Requested pronunciations


Entries for which pronunciation (either spoken or written phonetically) has been requested:

See also Wiktionary:Pronunciation.

Requested quotations


Most entries could benefit from more quotations. Some tagged as such are found at Category:Requests for quotations by source